Creating Traffic Alerts in Real-Time

Digital road signs are commonly seen when driving just about anywhere today. The signs provide alerts to construction zones, traffic delays, detours and more. But did you ever think about how those changeable messages are updated with real-time information? 

Using a smartphone, tablet or computer, TraMar Contracting, Inc., located in St. Charles, Mo., delivers the data to appear on the signs over the Verizon Wireless network.

“Managing the messaging on our digital road signs with mobile technology is saving us both time and money,” said Jaime Humphrey, traffic specialist at TraMar. Humphrey said the setup of new signs is quicker and updates to messages can be made in just moments.

Currently TraMar has 10 digital signs that use remote messaging with a machine-to-machine (M2M) connection and five additional signs will be added soon. Each digital sign comes with an embedded chip set that allows it to utilize an M2M connection with its own dedicated IP address. Sign messages change frequently depending on conditions; for example, a lane closure due to construction or reduced-speed zone.

“TraMar’s customers have mandates about when road signs need to be activated and updated and a lot of that is rooted in M2M technology,” said Kevin Whitehead, Verizon Wireless business sales account executive. “Our secure M2M connections provide convenience and efficiency and are pivotal to public safety changing messages on the fly.”

The next time you are on the road and see a sign alerting you to a delay, take that real-time data to heart and find another route.