A Watchful Eye: Improving Home Security

Fifteen years ago, most homeowners would have never dreamt that they would be able to use their cell phones to view a live video feed from their homes while they were on vacation. 

With the rapid evolution of wireless networks, customers of Vector Security are readily embracing upgraded security offerings to protect their homes and families while they are away. 

The introduction of 4G LTE has dramatically changed the business model for this 40-year-old security systems company with headquarters in Pittsburgh’s North Hills and more than 1,400 employees nationwide. 

Combined with installed cameras, customers can download a free smartphone app to control their security systems remotely, create automatic arming schedules, view activity reports to see if anyone has tried to open a door or window, and monitor a live video feed.

“We were recently working with an older couple who were looking at home security options so that they could feel safer when they travel, and our salesperson learned that neither one of them owned a smartphone,” said Art Miller, vice president of marketing for Vector Security. “Once the couple saw what they could do to enhance the security system at their home with a smartphone, they both went out and purchased one the next day.” 

“When asked, we recommended they purchase a 4G LTE-enabled device,” added Thom Helisek, vice president of information systems. “That kind of connectivity is absolutely crucial, especially when you’re talking about a wireless video feed.” 

Earlier this year, Vector began issuing 4G LTE tablets to all salespeople and technicians. The goal was to standardize the sales presentation and ensure that salespeople were demonstrating the full breadth of Vector’s offerings. 

“Wireless technology has truly changed our industry,” Miller remarked. “It has opened up an entirely new set of options for us and for our customers.”