Planning the Perfect Quince

Planning a Quinceañera (15th birthday) is an exciting, but sometimes overwhelming process. Teens spend months preparing for this important coming-of-age tradition in the Latino culture that celebrates the transition from childhood into adulthood. 

Much like a wedding, there are endless options to consider for invitations, locations, décor, food and attire. And, just as brides and grooms to have a number of tools at their disposal to help them plan their perfect day, teens can turn to these same types of resources to plan the perfect Quince party.

Events such as Verizon’s My Fabulous Quince planning expo travel across the country to help teens and their families streamline the party planning process. The expos, which kicked off over the weekend in Miami, include a fashion show, vendor exhibits and tips for planning an amazing Quince party on any budget. The My Fabulous Quince expos also feature a special performance by 3BALLMTY, as well as a VIP meet and greet with the group.

In addition, there are more than 200 websites dedicated to planning a Quinceañera. Websites like Quinceañera provide list of vendors from around the country and how-to videos. Quinceañ provides tips on how teens can incorporate Quince traditions in their big event and ideas for staying within budget.

Teens also can turn to their smartphones and tablets for help. The Quinceañera Mall app includes galleries of popular dresses and decorations, along with a party planning timeline and theme ideas. For teens who need help staying organized, the Party Planning app provides pre-populated and customizable checklists.

Although there are many details to think about, the preparation process can be exciting. Celebrating a Quince is an once-in-a-lifetime event that connects teens with their families – have fun!