Wireless Technology Serves Café Kubal in Syracuse

Located in the heart of downtown Syracuse, New York, Café Kubal serves up fresh coffee and baked goods to a steady stream of locals and visiting business types. The café’s manager, Becky Benedict, is responsible for ensuring every order stands up to strict Café Kubal quality standards. She has also added technology to the menu.

Benedict and her team rely on a network of wireless tablets to manage the restaurant and to allow customers to order and pay with ease.

“We’ve been using them for two years now,” said Benedict. “They’re fast and efficient, and our customers like them, too.”

Replacing a cash register and order pads with tablets and smartphones is a growing trend among restaurants of all sizes. The devices’ smaller size allows employees to have more room in the restaurant and to work faster and more efficiently when serving customers. And tying the order-taking process directly into the restaurant’s computer system makes tracking sales and managing inventory in real time that much easier.

Point-of-sale apps like ShopKeep help Café Kubal’s managers track inventory and sales, as well as set prices. The LevelUp app makes it easier to monitor what’s happening in the café, even if Benedict isn’t there.

“If there’s something wrong with the register, for example, I get notifications sent to my phone, even when I’m not in the café,” she said.

Tablets also help Café Kubal customers pay for their order in a fast and secure way. While this method receives attention because it’s innovative, it has also helped build customer relationships.

“Fifty percent of my job consists of responding to our customers’ comments about the technology,” said Benedict. “Customers are intrigued, especially those not too familiar with the devices.”

Look for more wireless devices at a restaurant near you. And don’t forget to tip your wait staff.