Stay Connected with the Kids at Summer Camp

According to the American Camp Association, more than 10 million children attend summer camp in the U.S each year.

While this rite of passage is a perfect way for children to meet new people and try new things, many kids find themselves homesick, and parents find themselves “kidsick” during this time apart.

Years ago, staying connected meant waiting for a letter to appear in the mailbox. Now, thanks to wireless technology, parents and kids can easily keep in touch all summer long with a few taps on a wireless device. The Samsung Galaxy Note II, part smartphone, part tablet, allows families to stay connected to kids through a variety of channels. Beyond traditional calling capabilities, kids and parents can keep in touch through video chat and email.  

Kids can keep a journal with the help of a built in S-Pen™ and a handwriting-to-text feature to make sure they don’t forget to tell family about any fun moment or memory.

The Samsung Galaxy Camera enables users to instantly share photos and video with family or on social media over Verizon’s 4G LTE network, which is now available in more than 500 markets in the U.S. A 21x optical-zoom lens helps capture camp memories in incredible clarity. Optical-image stabilization keeps the action in focus, even when the user is moving.

If kids don’t have easy access to an outlet, myCharge® Summit 3000, a rechargeable 3000mAh battery pack, will charge the average smartphone two times.

Parents who are prone to “kidsickness” when their children are at camp can take advantage of these and other wireless devices to ensure the family stays connected, even when little Johnny is miles away.