Find Inspiration for Your Next DIY Project

Between “Design on a Dime” and “Renovation Realities”, you’d be hard pressed to turn on the TV and not find a show instructing you how to take an old household item and give it new life. However, creativity is not lost when you turn off the TV. Get your creative juices flowing from virtually anywhere – like the craft store or hardware store or restaurant – using a 4G LTE smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Pinterest offers endless ideas for DIY home improvements. Spruce up your yard or make improvements to the interior of your home with Pinterest’s DIY Home Improvements, which features nearly 200 projects, many of which are low in cost and require materials easily found around the home. Pinterest also has a DIY Home Crafts page, which posts easy-to-create wall art or ways to refinish furniture.

CraftGawker, an app updated daily with images of innovative DIY crafts, links to individual blogs with step-by-step tutorials so it’s easy to replicate those crafty candle holders for your next party. Many of the blogs include a materials list as well as photos of the project from different stages of the process. For more DIY instructions, CreativeBug hosts workshops that you can view from your mobile device. Experts offer tips for crafters of all skill levels, so you won’t be in over your head with a half completed project.

For more DIY tips, be sure to check out the DIY Network’s website.