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Technology Meets the Turntable

From Kid Capri and Biz Markie to Beverly Bond and Jay-Z’s DJ Young Guru, DJs have been known as the culture kings and queens of the urban music community. They give partygoers the “official” OK to enjoy the hottest new music. 

According to iCrates Magazine, DJing traces its roots to the 18th century when Reginald Aubrey Fessenden transmitted the first spoken-radio broadcast overseas. However, the advancement of technology has turned DJing into an art form. In the early days, DJs carried vinyl records and two turntables to parties to mix music live. They switched out records, scratched them and mixed beats on the spot without letting the music stop.

Today, wireless technology provides DJs with access to music faster than ever. With just one click, they can access music from their playlists, YouTube and streaming apps like Spotify and Rhapsody. Software programs like Serato allow DJs to mix songs and adjust tempos and BPMs (beats per minute) on the spot, making their music come alive on the dance floor. 

Individuals looking to channel their inner DJ can try the Edjing Free DJ Mix Rec Studio, which lets users play music and mix it, just like a professional DJ.

Additionally, fans can experience the dichotomy between old school and new school music at the ESSENCE Festival when Verizon Wireless hosts a DJ battle between Biz Markie and Young Guru. Both DJs will display their skills and spin the hits using tablet technology. Stay up to date on the festival by following @essencefest or #ESSENCEFest on Twitter.