Make the Most of "Freedom Over Texas" and the Fourth of July

The Freedom Over Texas event held each July 4 in Houston is more than a municipal fireworks show. This year's event features a concert by Sheryl Crow and Martina McBride, kids’ activities, sand volleyball, family fitness challenges and a stunning fireworks display. Though the celebration is broadcast live to residents across the state and attended by more than 250,000 people, technology can help you make the most of your experience.

Before hitting the road, download a traffic app to keep logistical nightmares from ruining your fun. Monitor street closings and high traffic areas with Beat The Traffic or INRIX: Traffic, Maps and Alerts. Once you arrive, use Best Parking – Find Parking or ParkMe to find the best places to park for a quick getaway after the festivities. Help your kids get in the spirit during the car ride or while waiting for the show to start by letting them plan their own fireworks display using the iLoveFireworks or Fireworks apps.

If you are planning to meet friends at the event, the Find My Friends! app can ease your search through the crowds, by helping to locate your companions quickly and easily. If you have older children in your group who want to explore on their own, Family Locator, can provide peace of mind, by alerting parents when their child has arrived to or departed from a designated location.

For those attending Freedom Over Texas, the event is scheduled from 4 to 10 p.m. tomorrow. Additional information and event times are available here. Enjoy the fireworks!