Tired of Forgetting Your Passwords?

It’s often the first tip you hear when talking about password security – don’t use the same password for several accounts.

That’s easy to say, but with multiple social media accounts, email and banking sites, keeping track of all the passwords is not a simple task. According to a recent Harris poll, 37 percent of adults require assistance in recovering their login information each month. Luckily, there are tools to help users organize and remember, as well as create, their list of passwords.

Keeper 5.0, for example, is a program for both mobile devices and PCs that allows secure storage of unlimited passwords. The app can be installed for free on one device. The paid edition allows users to back up information to the cloud and sync it across multiple devices. Users willing to pay for the service can also share their individual records with other users while controlling their view and edit permissions, receiving 24/7 live support and accessing the Internet on an internal browser where login fields will be automatically populated.

Since many websites require complex passwords for security reasons, coming up with them can be as difficult as remembering them. To help, Keepass is a password-generating app that randomly creates unique passwords, and then, like Keeper 5.0, saves the information and will auto-fill the correct password on a website login field so users don’t have to manually type the information and risk someone seeing it over their shoulder.

Dashlane 2.0 offers similar features and adds an additional level of security by flagging compromised, duplicate or weak passwords as well as sites known to have suffered security breaches. The app displays links to the user’s most insecure passwords so they can be updated accordingly and supplies a strength rating for each password generated.

Password security is essential to keeping personal information safe online, and storing passwords in one location eliminates the hassle of constantly creating new ones when memory fails.