Explore the National Parks of the West

In the second installment of the series highlighting the best national parks across the U.S., we’re spotlighting the big and bold national parks of the West.

The Golden State is home to one of the most distinct parks in the nation, the Redwood National Park. The park hosts the tallest tree on earth, the Hyperion, reaching more than 379 feet to the sky. As you explore, stay on track in the dense California forest with the Backpacker GPS Trails Pro and Sierra Club Trail Explorer apps to view maps and record your hike on your smartphone.

If you’re looking for a more tranquil scene, head up to Washington, where there’s nothing like the scenic Olympic National Park. You can even stay along the Pacific Ocean in Kalaloch or Rialto Beach. If you plan to camp overnight, remember to pack a JBL Micro Wireless Speaker to play tunes around the campfire.

For an action-packed experience, visit two of the most popular parks in the country: Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming and the Grand Canyon National Park, most of which is located in Arizona. The rocky terrain and selected scenic trails make these parks perfect spots for mountain biking with your MotoACTV Bike Mount. The Grand Canyon, the 17th National Park established in the U.S., was formed by the Colorado River, which started carving out the canyons 5 million years ago. Similarly, Yellowstone National Park also has a rich history and offers a wide variety of wildlife for visitors to see, ranging from bison to grizzly bears and the gray wolf.  

Whether you’re looking up at the trees, hearing the sounds of the ocean or biking around the terrain, national parks out West have much to offer.