Simplified Reporting for Commercial Truck Drivers

A new federal law overhauled the trucking industry earlier this month. The new regulations limit the amount of time commercial truck drivers will spend behind the wheel and create more stringent reporting policies. Under the new regulations, drivers of 80,000 pound commercial trucks must now take breaks every eight hours and are limited to 70 hours per week behind the wheel.

Wireless technology solutions, such as Verizon Wireless’ NetworkFleet, can help simplify the tracking and reporting process for truckers. This technology collects the number of hours a driver is on the road and boils that data down into readymade reports that simplify government audits. It also automatically calculates when a driver needs to take a break and sends a smartphone alert right to the cab anywhere in the country. Data travels in real time so fleet managers no longer have to wait days for drivers to return to their home terminal to submit written logbooks.

NetworkFleet is a machine-to-machine technology that transmits information about the truck using a small radio transmitter mounted underneath the driver’s seat. In addition to assisting with compliance to the new trucking law, NetworkFleet saves trucking companies money on fuel by ensuring drivers take efficient routes and by reporting engine diagnostic data that allows trucks to be serviced before they break down on the job.

“NetworkFleet is an optimal choice for trucking companies looking to simplify the reporting and audit process,” said Verizon’s Michael Posner. “This solution combined, with the speed and reliability of Verizon’s 4G LTE network, makes data collection easy so that drivers can focus on driving and not reporting and tracking.”

Technology can help the trucking industry adapt to the new regulations.