Getting to Know the Nokia Lumia 928: Video

With today’s smartphone technology, traditional camcorders have some serious competition. Devices such as the Nokia Lumia 928 allow users to take a leaf out of their favorite film director’s book and capture scenes with various features and apps.

One of the most important considerations for any video recording is the lighting. The Lumia 928 boasts Carl Zeiss wide-angle optics that let in an abundance of light regardless of the time of day, resulting in 1080p HD videos that are lively, blur-free and bright. High-quality video needs high-quality audio to complement it, which is why Nokia implemented a digital microphone that captures sound distortion-free, even at noisy events like concerts or sports games. Videos can be uploaded and posted directly to Facebook at 4G LTE speeds, while automatically saving to SkyDrive.

On top of the built-in device features, users have the ability to improve the recording experience by downloading video apps from the Windows App Store. Vyclone, a collaborative video app, can help users create an instant multi-angle video of an event attended with friends or family by mixing footage from his or her smartphone and theirs. Vimeo allows users to upload, manage and watch HD videos from anywhere, while Video Diary records footage that can be uploaded directly to Dropbox.

This Windows Phone 8 smartphone helps unlock the inner artist in everyone. Whether documenting videos or snapping photos, get inspired with the Nokia Lumia 928