Create a Personal Video Queue

Last year, 41 million Americans viewed videos on their mobile devices, surpassing the number who viewed them on PCs and tablets, a 22 percent increase from 2011. To accommodate this trend, a growing number of services have jumped onboard to create a customized experience for smartphone video viewing. 

The recently-launched Rockpack joined the movement as a video curating service for mobile devices. Users create personalized video channels, saving clips to their channels based on their preferences and can share their customized collections with friends. The app suggests new videos and channels based on previously-viewed content – watch one hilarious song parody video and discover many more.

Viewers looking to watch and aggregate content on their social channels can turn to Showyou, while Plizy capitalizes on cloud capabilities to aggregate more than 550,000 movies, 200,000 TV shows, and 100 million online videos for easy viewing, discovery and sharing.

With the expansive coverage of high-speed 4G LTE networks, the mobile video viewing experience has improved. Viewers catch baseball highlights or watch their favorite comedy on Hulu from home, on the train or while waiting at the doctor’s office.