Picture Perfect Photos

Photo fanatics often have no problem taking pictures; there are more than 300 million photos uploaded to Facebook and more than 1 billion to Instagram daily.  However, finding the space to store them can be a different story. Yahoo recently updated its photo-sharing database Flickr, increasing capacity to one terabyte. That much storage means users can save roughly 537,731 photos, an amount no other Internet company currently offers.  

Mobile photo sharing has exploded in popularity in part because of the ability to enhance photos. Adobe Express makes it possible to edit while on the go with one tap correction that fixes brightness, color, contrast and red eye. The Nokia Lumia 928 comes pre-loaded with photography apps like Smart Shoot, which allows photographers to shoot five frames for each picture and then select the people or objects they want to delete or keep in the final photo. Users can then utilize 4G LTE speeds to post their images directly to Facebook and Twitter.

Last month, Google also announced it added photo enhancing elements and auto back-up to its Google+ app. Similar to other photo apps, the Google+ app includes filters, exposure adjustment, the ability to create GIFs from photos, and the option to add related hashtags to the caption.