Where Do You Wear Your Smartphone?

Beyond designer phone cases, a fusion of fashion and technology has emerged. Major retailers are taking the accessibility of mobile devices into consideration when designing clothing.  

Popular khakis brand Dockers recently enlarged the coin pocket on their pants to accommodate larger smartphones. Beyond modifying a pocket, one denim company has added a pocket exclusively for smartphones to its jeans. Intended for users who have trouble quickly grabbing  their phones from regular jean pockets, I/O Jeans feature a new pocket located along the seam in between the knee and the hip to fit any smartphone with a 4.8-inch screen or smaller.

Many accessories designers also incorporate smartphone needs into their plans, making pockets designated for safe stashing. Even fashion forward handbags, include exterior pockets for smartphones. The Everpurse takes the merging of fashion and technology one step further. These fashion-forward clutches and wristlets not only safely fit smartphones but come with a docking system to charge your phone. The TYLT Energi + Power Backpack provides storage space your for items while also charging up to three smartphones or tablets on its removable, rechargeable Lithium Ion battery.

Scientists are developing the textiles of the future that will someday have the capability to charge mobile phones. As the line between mobile technology and fashion continue to blend, smartphone owners will find more places to wear their devices.