Ways to Reduce Home Energy Use During the Summer

Much of the country is experiencing serious heat waves this summer, and there are still weeks of steamy weather to come. Energy-saving technologies will prevent wasted resources and skyrocketing electric bills while homeowners have the air conditioning and fans going at full speed.

eMonitor, for example, tracks consumed energy, using analytical and diagnostic technologies to see where the most amount of energy is being used – and wasted – throughout a home. eMonitor observes power levels in real-time, sends suggestions for reducing energy use and tracks a home’s carbon footprint.

The key to keeping energy usage and costs down is to make sure electronics are powered off when they are not needed. With WeMo Switch, users control an electrical switch through their iOS device or set a customizable schedule to turn electronics, including fans or air conditioning units, on or off from another room or while away from the house.

The Nest thermostat is another alternative for controlling temperature. Nest learns a homeowner’s schedule through basic questions and is able to program itself based on temperatures generally selected at different times during the day. Users can control Nest when they are out of house through a mobile app, meaning they can adjust temperatures from miles away.

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