Improve Your Game with the Samsung Galaxy Camera

With summer sports in full swing, now is the time to grab the Samsung Galaxy Camera to help your team and your children perfect their game.

The continuous shot feature, for instance, allows you to take 20 consecutive pictures in four seconds.  Those pictures can provide invaluable step-by-step visuals to help improve a golf, baseball or softball swing; soccer, lacrosse or field hockey footwork or diving or swimming form.  When you want to capture the moment in mid-stream, be sure to use the Action Freeze option.

For those who prefer video to still shots, the camera also allows you to take six consecutive pictures while videotaping, providing the benefits of full-motion video and individual snapshots.  With that information in hand, it is easy to see exactly what adjustments one should make on the dance line, the foul line or the finish line.

Thanks to the camera’s built-in connectivity, there is no need to wait to share the pictures or video.  Both can easily be uploaded directly from the camera to the social media, photo-sharing or video-sharing site of your choice, giving athletes instant access so they can see exactly what they can do differently next time around. 

Those familiar with the Samsung Galaxy Camera know that its features go far beyond your average picture-taking capabilities. While beginners may lean toward the auto features, the built-in smart features can help even the most novice photographer quickly shoot like a pro.  There are also plenty of bells and whistles for expert photographers who prefer to change the exposure, aperture or shutter speeds on their own.

So, next time you are heading to the field, court or pool, grab the Samsung Galaxy camera along with your water bottle, sunscreen and sports equipment. Not only will it provide lasting memories, it also has the potential to positively influence the final score.

Photo Credit: Susan Engelhardt