Tech Gear Turns Camping into Glamping

People everywhere are gearing up for outdoor adventures this summer. While the idea of heading off into the great outdoors and disconnecting from the real world sounds great for some, others prefer to stay connected during their nature adventures. This modern form of camping is known as “glamping,” a term that is defined as adding modern amenities to a camping experience or creating a fully equipped, five-star worthy campsite. For glampers, there are a number of wireless devices that can provide a little extra comfort on their next trip.

Before heading to the camp grounds, consider bringing a Jetpack to keep your tablet, laptop and other Wi-Fi-enabled devices connected to the Internet. It’s easy to use, portable and allows you to connect with the devices and apps listed in the glamping guide.

In the woods, outlets are hard to come by, even on a glamping trip. A wireless charging dock such as the LG Wireless Charging Pad or the Nokia Wireless Charging Plate DT-900 can keep you connected. For longer trips, reboot with the Panasonic Solar Charger.

With wireless technology, glampers never have to miss a favorite show or film. Host family movie night under the stars by connecting a tablet to a projector screen (or project against a wall or tent) and use a portable sound device like the JBL Micro Wireless speakers.

Even night time star gazing can benefit from a little technology. The Sky Map app provides information about the planets and constellations and uses GPS to give you location-specific information.

And when it comes time for the nature hike, hit the trails with your smartphone. If your device isn’t already equipped with one, download an app like Compass, so you will stay on track and head in the right direction.

Happy tech glamping!