Digital Collaboration in the Workplace

Instant messaging on mobile devices is a way for family and friends to converse and share multimedia in real-time. Businesses are also embracing instant messaging and other interactive collaboration tools as alternatives to email to improve productivity among employees.

CoTap, for example, is a mobile messaging app that allows employees to have private conversations. Users also have the ability to send group messages to more than one coworker for effective teamwork. Teambox, on the other hand, offers messaging, file storage, sharing and video conferencing capabilities.

Social networking platforms such as Yammer can also lead to improved workplace functionality. Yammer helps companies create a social network for employees where they can create personal profiles, update statuses, participate in conversations, search for content and collaborate on projects.

Currently, more than 45,000 Verizon Wireless employees use Yammer. Through the social network, the company shares news, distributes workplace polls, and broadcasts company and industry events. Using Yammer to engage in real-time with fellow employees cuts down on email, helping to increase overall productivity. Users share best practices, join groups and get to know coworkers.

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