Lights, Camera, Action: Tools for the Digital Director

Photo enhancing apps continue to grow in popularity and have paved the way for another trend: mobile video editing tools and apps. These apps, which allow users to augment, edit and share videos, encourage camera buffs to become filmmakers with the help of their devices.

Before it’s time to edit a video, it must be shot on a mobile device. For capturing the best-quality short videos, follow tips from the experts. For example, when filming, be sure to hold the device steady by resting elbows on a surface or leaning against a wall, minimize background noise by standing close to the subject of the video and consider the lighting to add depth and dimension.

With Vine, filmmakers can create and post six-second videos. The app exploded in popularity in recent months with more than 13 million users. Through Vine, video fans can take short video clips, then quickly edit and loop them to be shared on social media sites. Similar to Vine, Viddy is another short video app where 15-second clips or “viddys” can be shot and edited through its built-in filters and then posted for the world to see.

Capturing longer or more complex videos is possible through apps such as VidTrim Pro. Serving as a director’s assistant, users can edit and organize video clips through trimming, frame grabbing, video effects, audio extracting and transcoding. Once the video has been perfected, it can be uploaded to YouTube, emailed or converted to an MP3 file.

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