Wireless Tools for the Workaholic

While it's intended to remind workers to enjoy life and unplug, the reality is that most people will keep their noses pressed firmly to the grindstone on Workaholics Day.

Regardless of whether you’re in the office or at the beach on July 5, there are devices and accessories that can make work-life balance easier.

For example, a dead phone battery is the quickest way to kill your productivity. External batteries like Mophie Juice Pack Reserve Micro keep your smartphone charged all day. Chances are if you’re a workaholic you’re also a multitasker.  The Nokia Lumia 928 provides you with the tools to store notes and view documents while on the phone, and it also serves as a Wi-Fi hotspot so you can work on your laptop while you’re on the go. With accessories like the Samsung HM1300 Mono Bluetooth Headset, you can conduct calls on the go and have your hands free for editing documents or responding to emails.

Alternatively, make the most of your downtime when away from the office. If you’re heading outdoors, strap on the LIFEPROOF Armband to surf, ski, hike, run and play ball without worrying about ruining your smartphone. Or kick back and relax with some tunes and a game on smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S4.

However you choose to celebrate Workaholics Day, check out WebMD.com’s tips for achieving work-life balance all year round.