Writers Write Better With the Help of Digital Tools

Famed author Ernest Hemingway once said, “We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.”

There isn’t a flawless formula for perfecting a writer’s craft, but there are apps that can help. Mobile devices and apps have become important writing tools, helping wordsmiths create, organize and develop their stories.

SimpleMind and MindNode are mind-mapping tools designed to spark and manage new ideas. Novelists, short story and other fiction writers can turn to The Brainstormer to provide inspiration for new characters or settings when in need of a dose of creativity or faced with “writer’s block.”

Apps like Timeline are useful for remembering the order of events, while Writers App helps authors create a detailed storyline and keep track of plot and character ideas as their stories develop. All writers must eventually put pen to paper – even if it’s virtual or electronic. Word processor apps do everything from capturing quick notes to composing a complete novel on a smartphone or tablet. Managing the research elements of a project becomes easier with PaperHelper, which puts a story or article side-by-side with the user’s Web browser, eliminating the hassle of switching screens. 

With deadlines approaching, Pomodoro Timer Lite can be a lifesaver, boosting focus when it’s needed most, and most importantly helping writers deliver that draft on schedule.

A new plot line, character development or key phrase can strike whether you’re in the shower or at the grocery store. The cornerstone of any writer’s technology arsenal is an expansive, reliable 4G LTE network to power their device and favorite writing apps so that moment is captured, not lost.