How to Ace a Video Interview

Interviews used to include picking up a suit from the dry cleaners, printing resume copies and nervously navigating to an unfamiliar office in order to arrive early. In today’s digital world, however, more and more job interviews are taking place online instead of in person, with the help of video solutions like Skype and high-speed Internet connections.

Mashable recently posted an infographic created by PGI, a global provider of conferencing solutions, which outlines the video interview trend. According to the company, video interviewing has risen 49 percent since 2011, making it all the more important that job candidates understand the ins and outs of the process.

To prepare for an online interview, video communication tools should be secured well before the appointed time. Interviewees need to ensure devices are equipped with a webcam or video capabilities and conduct tests beforehand to work out any technical glitches with picture or sound quality. Applicants should also make sure any background scenery visible during the meeting is simple and not distracting.

Candidates living in areas that do not have access to a wired high-speed Internet solution can still participate in online interviews. HomeFusion Broadband, for example, utilizes a home router to connect devices like laptops and tablets to the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network. Doing a video conference with this solution minimizes any buffering that interrupts the dialogue.

Similar to in-person meetings, job candidates participating in video conferences need to avoid some common mistakes. Face-to-face interaction and maintaining eye contact with the interviewer remains an important element of the process, even if there is a computer standing in the way. Candidates still need to dress and act the part.

Lastly, follow up with a thank you email – or hand-written note – to wrap up a successful interview. Good luck!