Technology in the Classroom and on the Field

Mobile technology is revolutionizing the world of education, changing the way teachers educate and interact with students. These tools can also help as teachers transition to coaches in the hours after school. 

After the final bell rings, many teachers begin their secondary roles as sports coaches or supervisors of school clubs, which often involves a large amount of paperwork, ranging from permission slips and doctor notes to play books and statistic records. Instead of lugging a bulky clipboard around, coaches can now use a tablet to access the Assistant Coach app to keep plays, scores and stats all at their fingertips. 

Whether it's the science fair, art class, a field trip or the homecoming game, many teachers want to capture the special memories of each year's class on a camera. However, with the number of events that happen each year, gathering all of the images can be an overwhelming task. Using the Book Creator app on their smartphone, teachers can quickly upload their images to create special e-photo books that can be shared with their friends, family and students for years to come. 

In the classroom, wireless technology has even changed roll call, with some teachers now taking attendance electronically using just a smartphone or tablet. Using the Blogger app, teachers can post class assignments, announcements or contact information in a place parents and students can access online. The Blogger app also allows teachers to interact with parents of students who stayed home sick or to provide additional information on homework that was assigned during the day.