Apps for Acing College

Summer is winding down and the start of the semester is almost here. While you start to pack up your belongings to head to campus, don’t forget to repack your smartphone with the latest apps.

With thousands of apps available, finding ones that will help you make the most of the school year is a breeze. Here are a few to consider as you prepare for the fall semester:

Personal study buddy: First and foremost, you’re at school to learn. But when the exams start piling up, there’s a large project due for one class and an event for another, finding time to sit and study for a few hours can be difficult. Apps like Study Blue simplify studying on the go. Use this app to compile notes and make flashcards so your five-minute bus ride to your next class turns into a study session.

Orgo: No, not organic chemistry. We’re talking about one of the most important skills you can learn – the art of organization. Apps such as MyHomework let you track your assignments including project, exams and homework, set due date reminders, track your busy schedule and more. Best of all, you can sync MyHomework with multiple devices to keep you organized no matter what device you are using.

Mint money: The Mint app will help you track your finances so that you are more aware of your spending habits. This way the next time a cool concert comes to town, you won’t have to choose between concert tickets or your weekly groceries. With Mint’s help, you will know if you can afford both.

School specific: Find out if your school has its own app. From apps that track your local bus system to up-to-date dining hall menu options and class scheduling assistance, school-specific apps can be a great time saver and source of information as you settle in on campus.