Tech Tips for an Eco-Friendly College Lifestyle

Having the right tools and supplies as a college student can set you up for success, but utilizing green, eco-friendly tools this school year can do the same for the environment.

If you’re purchasing a new smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy S4 or tablet like Galaxy Note 10.1 for the school year, donate your old device to HopeLine from Verizon. Through HopeLine, Verizon collects no longer needed devices from any service provider to recycle or refurbish. Reconditioned phones are sold and the proceeds fund non-profit agencies to support domestic violence survivors. Unsalvageable phones are disposed of in an eco-friendly way.

With your new device in hand, there are a host of apps that can reduce the reams of paper needed throughout the school year.

Apps like Evernote allow you to take notes electronically, reducing the number of notebooks needed. As an added bonus, organize your notes into folders that are searchable by keyword. The notes are stored in the cloud so they can be accessed later from any device.

When it comes time to study with classmates, skip the drive to the library and meet online using a Google Hangout group conversation or an app like Tango or Skype. Tango allows you to keep in touch with friends through video calls, text messaging and social games. With Skype, you can contact other Skype users through a quick instant message or video call and easily share pictures or attachments.       

Carry your wireless devices and additional supplies in the OffGrid Solar Backpack, which includes a removable solar pocket that can charge tablets and smartphones on the go. The backpack has plenty of pockets, a padded laptop sleeve and an integrated phone pouch.

Start off the new semester with today’s most modern technology with an environmentally friendly twist. How will you go green this school year? Let us know on Twitter at @VZWnews.