Back-to-School Season is Full of Firsts

It’s August. Your kids have started the back-to-school countdown, and teachers are sending the supply lists around. It’s time for tax-free weekend, new fall clothes and sports physicals.

But this time of year may also bring about important “firsts” for teens and young children. Luckily, there are wireless tools that can help you and your children tackle what the year may have in store.

If your teen is a new driver, Vehicle Diagnostics by Delphi is a tool that gives you piece of mind when he or she is on the road. This tiny device plugs into your car and provides insight into where your teen driver is at and how he or she is driving. You can set up alerts that tell you if the car travels faster than 75 mph or if the car goes outsides designated areas.

Tweens may not be old enough for the driver’s seat yet, but it may well be time for their first cell phone. Help prepare them for the new responsibility by establishing parameters for cell phone use. Verizon FamilyBase, for example, allows you to set times for when calls and texts are allowed, lock the device on demand, and view the apps on smartphones. The service also makes your child’s contact lists visible via an online dashboard and allows you to block numbers if you sense anything unsafe.

Helping children reach major milestones and take on more responsibility will always be a bit stressful for parents, but wireless tools can help make the transition smoother.