Paying Bills in College - No Checks Necessary

For a college student, living in an off-campus apartment for the first time means dealing with the responsibility of paying rent and utilities, as well as figuring out how to manage payments among several roommates. With everyone on different schedules, paying bills on time might be a struggle, but students can turn to their 4G LTE smartphones to help streamline the process.

In many apartment situations, the responsibility of paying rent falls on one roommate who writes the hefty check, then collects each roommate’s share. Venmo is a pay-by-text service that allows one roommate to pay another by bank transfer, debit card or credit card. When rent is due, roommates can select the rent payer’s name via phone number, email or Facebook and enter the amount and form of payment to transfer their money.

Other costs college apartment dwellers must address include electric, gas, water, Internet and cable bills. Mobile apps like Check aggregate all personal accounts in one place so students can proactively monitor their bills, bank accounts and credit cards. When bills are due or funds are low, Check alerts the user, eliminating the stress of missing a bill or risking an overdraft fee. Establishing a process for paying utilities alongside rent on time each month will minimize confusion and resentment among roommates while helping young adults build good credit for the future.

With mobile devices always on hand and 4G LTE covering many college campuses and surrounding neighborhoods, college students are fully equipped to avoid roommate drama and handle monthly payments like organized, responsible adults.