5 Grocery Apps for a Budget-Minded Shopper

According to the Food Marketing Institute, American families take about two trips to the grocery store every week. Once at the store, they have the daunting task of choosing from nearly 40,000 items in the average grocery store.

With numbers like that, a quick trip to the local supermarket, without adding unnecessary purchases, can really be a challenge for even the most experienced shopper. But, with a help of a few smartphone apps and a plan, finding those needed items at a reasonable price is a little bit easier.

Before heading to the store, shoppers can check out specials and discounts with the Weekly Ads & Sales app, which features ads for more than 100 major retailers. This way, they can plan meals for the week based on what's on sale in the supermarket circulars. 

To trim the number of impulse buys, ZipList allows shoppers to create a master list of groceries purchased regularly. The list can be viewed on your smartphone, so it’s always on hand for last minute trips. It also organizes the list according to the layout of participating stores.

Coupons are a great way to trim a few dollars from the weekly shopping bill. The Grocery iQ app recommends coupons based on items added to the shopping list on the app. The coupons can be printed, emailed or, in some cases, added to your store loyalty card.

For bargain hunters who have multiple loyalty cards dangling from their key chains, SavingStar can help reduce the clutter by storing all of them in a single place and providing offers for those particular stores.

Bringing coupons and cards together, Cellfire automatically loads coupons directly to store loyalty cards.

A few minutes planning on your smartphone can help reduce the size of your grocery bill.