Get Your Hands on a How-To Guide

Mobile devices can be the ultimate learning tool. Harnessing the power of the Internet in an interactive and engaging way, users can quickly download (and even upload) how-to guides with directions on just about anything – from an app with new recipes to a video on car repairs – all at 4G LTE speeds.

Snapguide, for example, provides a free platform for users to view and share step-by-step guides. The popular site, which has 2 million unique monthly users, includes everything from guacamole recipes to nail art and DIY clothing instructions. Recently, Snapguide began allowing users to request guides they are interested in, spurring the creation of new videos and resources. Requests can be “upvoted” by other users, showing the content that’s most in demand.

Users can also turn to Howcast for video guidance. The app offers a selection of educational videos with visual instructions. Similarly, Instructables provides 100,000 tutorials on quirky DIY topics, inventions and recipes, all created by users. Tech fanatics will appreciate apps like iFixit that provide practical information on repairing gadgets like laptops and gaming consoles.

As the old saying goes, knowledge is power. With the ability to connect and source information and skills from people across the Internet, self-education is ready to happen.