Third-Party Surveys Offer Companies Customer Insights

There are many ways companies can measure customer satisfaction and their own performance in the competitive marketplace. Studies by third-party providers such as J.D. Power offer companies like Verizon Wireless additional insight into the customer experience and competition.   

Owned by McGraw Hill Financial, J.D. Power listens to and analyzes the opinions and perceptions of millions of consumers and business customers, refining research techniques and study methodologies to offer product quality, customer satisfaction and tracking research to companies. J.D. Power conducts work for a wide spectrum of industries, including automotive, financial services, insurance, energy, travel and leisure, healthcare and telecommunications.  

The company’s Wireless Network Quality studies, for example, survey wireless users across the U.S. about their experiences with their last 10 calls, messages, emails, and Web connections on their mobile phones. The study covers six regions of the U.S., including 48 states and the District of Columbia, and awards the highest ranking companies based on the results.

For the first time since the study moved to a regional format in 2004, Verizon Wireless is the first wireless provider to rank highest across all six regions of the country in the J.D. Power 2013 Wireless Network Quality StudySM – Vol. 2 issued today. The study found Verizon Wireless performs significantly better than the industry average in all three quality categories – calling, messaging and data – within all six regions.

By region, Verizon Wireless ranks highest in the Northeast region for an 18th consecutive reporting period. The company achieves fewer customer-reported problems with dropped calls, initial connections, transmission failures and late text messages, compared with the regional average. Verizon Wireless also ranks highest in the Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Southwest, and West regions, and also ranks highest in a tie in the North Central region.