Live Streaming a Wedding Ceremony and Celebration

In the past year, the number of couples in the United States streaming their wedding ceremonies in real-time has increased by 250 percent.

The reality of faster, more ubiquitous Internet connections make live streaming a great way to involve friends and family who are unable to travel for the special day. The availability of 4G LTE connectivity on many wireless devices means the at-home audience can experience the happy moments with a smooth picture and clear sound wherever they are. 

For brides and grooms on a budget, there are services that require only a camera and laptop or a smartphone to live stream the ceremony. Through Livestream, users can create an event page which serves as the site for the ceremony, and has the benefit of being shared well before the big day. Another option is to use a smartphone equipped with the Broadcast For Friends Ustream app, which allows users to post live video directly to their Facebook pages and to save the video for viewing and sharing later.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, couples looking to share their special day with just a few guests who can’t physically be there can use a video calling service like Skype or Google Hangout to share the service in real-time with up to 10 people using a smartphone.

The practice of live streaming weddings is becoming so common that it’s spawning its own industry. I Do Stream partners with local videographers to record and broadcast the event live to a custom webcast page. For DIY couples, the company can deliver a rental kit with all the equipment needed – laptop, HD camcorder, tripod and software – to capture the ceremony and celebration.

Before considering streaming their wedding online, future newlyweds should ask about their venue’s wireless Internet capabilities and do a trial-run to test the video, picture and sound quality. If the connection’s less than ideal, a 4G LTE mobile hotspot can be a quick fix.