Phonearazzi: Mobile Celebrity Sightings

In a world of real-time digital news updates, anyone with a mobile device can keep up with the latest Hollywood gossip on their favorite celebrities’ fashion statements, careers, significant others and more.

For up-to-the-minute news on everything from Beyonce’s new haircut to who will be performing at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards, fans can log onto well-known gossip sites like Huffington Post Celebrity, US Weekly and Just Jared. Celebuzz is another popular site that hosts news content straight from celebrity bloggers, giving a new meaning to “inside scoop.”

Several sites have accompanying mobile apps that offer a customizable interface for gossip. People CelebWatch, for example, provides news, photos and individual profiles of famous movie stars, musicians and athletes, allowing star watchers to tailor the apps’ news feed to display updates on their favorite personalities.

Social media is a hotspot for Hollywood gossip and many celebs are plugged in, actively posting updates. Following personalities’ verified social accounts on platforms like Twitter and Facebook gives admirers an insider’s look at what these stars are doing on their own time, while following them on Instagram is a great way to get a personal snapshot of their lives. Some high-profile figures even directly engage with their fans over Twitter, which to some people is more exciting than a sighting. Major celebrity news, such as Kim Kardashian’s new baby, has been known to break on Twitter before any other news source, so staying tuned in to social media ensures devotees won’t be the last ones to know.

With the help of these mobile channels and 4G LTE speeds to let users know where their favorite star may be at a given moment, they may even run into him or her in person.