Wrap Up Your Summer at These Unforgettable National Parks

Our summer national parks series continues our journey east to Texas, Florida and Virginia.

Big Bend National Park, just west of San Antonio, is recognized as a geological treasure. The park is home to part of the Chihuahuan Desert, a biologically diverse desert region of small mountain ranges and basins. As you make your way through Big Bend you’ll discover remarkable landscapes. So grab your Samsung Galaxy Camera to capture and instantly share your favorite picturesque scenes.

If your travel plans take you to the southeast, Biscayne National Park in Florida is just south of Miami and is more than 95 percent water. The park includes four distinct ecosystems from mangroves to offshore reefs, making it a top destination for snorkeling, scuba diving and wildlife viewing. Whether taking pictures of underwater sights or snapping sunset photos over the bay, the Incipio ATLAS Waterproof case for your smartphone makes the perfect companion.

While in Florida don’t miss Everglades National Park. Encompassing about 1.5 million acres, it’s the third-largest national park in the continental United States. Nicknamed the “River of Grass” for its lush vegetation, the park is home to countless plant and animal species. The Everglades Photo and Travel Guide app for your smartphone or tablet is ideal for your visit, providing detailed GPS maps for locating wildlife – like the native American Alligator – along with animal behavior descriptions.

Continue up the eastern seaboard to discover Virginia’s Shenandoah National Park, which offers panoramic mountain views and stunning natural waterfalls. The park is part of the Blue Ridge Mountains, named for their bluish appearance from a distance. With the park’s temperate climate and varying elevations, download free apps like The Weather Channel to make sure you’re fully prepared for any kind of weather.

Across the country, our National Parks have spectacular sights and sounds just waiting to be explored.