Mobile Office Solutions for Small Business Productivity

The ability to work remotely at any time is a top concern for 90 percent of small business owners, according to new research conducted by Cbeyond, a provider of cloud and communication services. In order to access necessary documents, connect with coworkers and keep track of administrative details off-site, SMB owners can take advantage of several mobile office apps.

Business owners with iOS smartphones and a Microsoft 365 subscription have the option to work on documents with Microsoft Office Mobile. The Office Mobile app provides users with the functionality to view and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents from their devices and keep the formatting and layout of the desktop version intact, even when they are offline.

Using both Microsoft Office 365 and the Office Mobile app, a small business’ mobile workforce can sync devices with office laptops and PCs to collaborate through cloud-based access to email, instant messaging, video conferencing, document sharing and more.  

Other mobile office solutions such as Evernote Business take advantage of the cloud as well. This app facilitates teamwork by allowing employees to contribute to an easily searchable digital notebook, saving everything from Web research to brainstorm notes converted from a whiteboard.

In addition to facilitating daily workflow and employee communication, small business owners can track expenses for activities such as travel and client dinners with their mobile devices. Apps like ExpenseCloud help manage expenses in real-time by snapping pictures of receipts and creating reports, all of which are uploaded to a cloud-based dashboard. The app can also track mileage and calculate reimbursement based on the prevailing company mileage rate. 

In a small business environment, time management and agility are essential for success. With mobile office solutions and the speeds of a reliable 4G LTE network, small business owners can achieve both these goals on a daily basis.