Social Media and Small Business — Who is Using What?

Today, a majority of businesses utilize social media as a platform to talk directly to customers and engage with influencers. This dynamic will continue to grow as businesses see the power that social media has to position and differentiate their offerings. Small businesses represent one of the biggest opportunities for growth in using social media. It’s cheap. It’s effective.

Verizon Wireless asked 1,000 United States-based small businesses – from sole proprietorships to those with up to 999 employees – about how they use social media, and compiled the results for the first Verizon Wireless Mobile Trends Index. Survey respondents, who represented all 50 states, identified themselves as working in the following industries: agriculture; business support; construction; entertainment & leisure; financial services; healthcare; insurance; manufacturing; real estate; telecommunications; technology; Internet and utilities / energy.

Two-thirds of survey respondents said they currently use social media for business. The business uses span customer engagement, promotions and collaboration with partners, among other things. Facebook dominates use with an overwhelming 88.8 percent followed by LinkedIn, which aligns people and businesses to network and make connections. Twitter and Google + round out the top four preferred platforms, according to the survey.

With the vast amount of multimedia content available on social media, businesses that use a fast, reliable 4G LTE network will enjoy a positive social media experience. Whether content is accessed on a laptop, PC, smartphone or tablet, engaging consumers keeps recognition high, creates opportunities to deliver a memorable moment for customers, such as a Vine video. 

Social media is a good and often inexpensive way for a small business to make an impact. There is more room to grow and no doubt the businesses who have not tapped into the social media realm will realize the benefits once they see how easy it is.

See the infographic for a snapshot of how small businesses are using social media. Look for more snapshots from the Verizon Wireless Mobile Trends Index in the coming weeks.