The Shift Toward Social News

Today, news is delivered almost instantaneously. With the Internet’s capacity for real-time updates, increased news sharing through social networks like Twitter and the recent departure of RSS feed Google Reader, many people are turning to social news reading, the aggregation and organization of news shared within social networks, to access the latest headlines.

Nuzzel is one of the newest tools in this genre. The aggregator de-clutters social news feeds by selecting the top news stories shared among a user’s networks, to simplify browsing headlines and reading comments. All Things D points out that Nuzzel is accelerating the development of social news reading across multiple platforms for consumers.

Busy professionals get quick news updates with Pulse, which was recently acquired by LinkedIn. Through the new partnership, LinkedIn users have access to the top news content related to their profession. The launch of Highlights streamlines the articles contacts have shared for easy discovery and reading.

Newsle, on the other hand, offers a slight twist from simply organizing social news content. It focuses specifically on stories and other content headlines that mention a friend or colleague so users can keep track of their social connections’ news, promotions and personal accomplishments.

Next up, Facebook looks to launch its own news reader