Don't Forget to Write...I Mean Text

Summer camp is a time for kids to try different activities and make new friends from different towns, states or other parts of the world. However, as sights turn to the upcoming school year, mobile devices mean campers don’t have to leave their faraway friends behind.

Being able to connect with multiple friends at once, recount funny moments together and continue the camaraderie will help keep groups of friends close. For example, WhatsApp, an instant messaging platform, allows kids to group chat, send pictures or videos to each other, and share their locations to stay involved in each other’s lives.

Friends can also send silly pictures and videos that disappear within seconds with Snapchat, or record and share fun voice messages using Heytell, a walkie-talkie app that keeps all shared replies so users can go back and listen to individual messages. Powered by devices that run on a speedy 4G LTE network, messages are quickly sent and received.

Sometimes face-to-face interaction is the most effective way to stay in touch and have real, live conversations with friends. Skype allows kids to message, call and video chat with friends around the globe for free. With more than 100 million app installations, Skype recently released a revamped app for Android that pulls up current conversations when the app is launched, allowing for quick replies, and provides an automatic messaging window with access to video or voice calls.

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