Maximize Time to Enjoy the Rest of the Summer

As September quickly approaches, the days get shorter and cool weather beckons, the temptation grows to get outside and enjoy the remaining rays of summer sun. For deskbound employees, there are ways to maximize time both indoors and out so there are ample hours to soak in the rest of the season.

Staying on top of project deadlines at work helps professionals not to have to stay a minute past quitting time. Making a mobile to-do list with apps such as Wunderlist, which syncs with a work laptop using the cloud, and Do It Tomorrow, which allows users to move important items to the next day if they need to run out of the office at the last minute, is an effective way to manage time and responsibilities. The Asana app, on the other hand, helps workers keep tabs on looming deadlines, but also tracks the time it takes to finish a given task.  

Professionals can also turn to their smartphones to get ahead on work outside the office. Through VPN solutions, smartphone users not only have access to important documents saved on the company network, but will experience an extra level of security when using public Wi-Fi. To edit these documents, Windows phones like the Nokia Lumia 928 come equipped with Word, Excel and PowerPoint. For those who need to work on their laptops, a 4G LTE mobile hotspot can connect their computers to the Internet so they don’t miss a deadline.

For many, exercise is as daily a necessity as work. For some, walking or cycling to work could be an efficient alternative to hitting the crowded gym, allowing office workers to get their workout taken care of during their commute while also enjoying the outdoors. Smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S4 can take on a multitasking role during this time, tracking distance with an app like Endomondo or allowing the user to escape with their summer soundtrack using Pandora and Bluetooth enabled-wireless headphones.

Finding ways to be more efficient with the assistance of mobile solutions can help employees tackle responsibilities now so they can fully enjoy the rest of their summer later.