Technology Turns Family Fun into Unique Learning Moments

From soccer practice to studying for a spelling bee, getting back to school is a busy time. But parents want to balance school work with fun activities for their children. With the help from technology, even a child’s pastime can turn into a learning experience.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is a perfect day-trip companion for parents and their children. If a caterpillar at the park captures a child’s attention, parents can quickly pull up details online or use the device to play educational videos on insects. Its ability to access information quickly at 4G LTE speeds allows children to learn about the world around them as they see it.  

Animated blockbusters like Pixar’s Monsters University may inspire children to create their own stories. The Crayola DigiTools has special drawing tools so kids can create 3-D designs and their imagination can run wild with spray-art effects and animated images.

If parents are looking for activities to go along with school subjects, PBS Parents Play & Lean HD app provides themed-based games and hands-on activities that link math and literacy to everyday experiences. This bilingual (English/Spanish) app can keep kids entertained and help reinforce what’s learned in schools.

Thanks to the easily accessible mobile technology, children’s activities in their spare time are not only fun for the family, but also offer valuable lessons that extend learning beyond the classroom.