Visually Impaired Students in Boston Test Innovative Technology

Did you ever consider that a smartphone might help someone see?

Innovators and entrepreneurs from Visus Technology thought so and created a system designed to help visually-impaired and blind people “see” things in a whole new way, using wireless technology.

Trials of the Visus Visual Assist system took place in July with a group of middle-school aged students in a summer enrichment program at the world-renowned Carroll Center for the Blind, located just outside Boston, Mass. Each student was given a Samsung smartphone, trained on using the Visus app, and sent out to discover and experience the aid the app is designed to provide.

The solution, which was developed in collaboration with the Verizon Innovation Program, is expected to soon be ready for public use. It will allow blind and visually-impaired people to recognize faces, determine colors, and navigate their travel, all with the help of wireless technology. 

See what the students and teachers had to say about this life-enhancing and potentially life-altering solution.