Wine Lovers and Technology — the Perfect Pairing

You don’t have to be a connoisseur to enjoy a good wine – or an entertaining excursion to a local winery or vineyard. But, to make the most out of your next tasting, one Nebraska vintner recommends adding a touch of technology to the experience.

Richard Hilske is the owner of Cellar 426, a winery located just outside of Ashland, Neb. He recently used a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 to review and rate several apps geared toward wine lovers. Here’s his take on those that are the most popular.

Hilske described Winerypedia as a wonderful app for people who enjoy tasting the fruits of local vineyards. It takes your location, or a location you provide, and shows a list of nearby wineries. It also can provide driving directions, winery hours, links to websites and the ability to rate the vineyard and see others’ ratings. 

For those who love to make the most out of their meal, the Simply Wine and Food app helps to pair your meal with the perfect wine. Simply let the app know what kind of meal you are planning, be it a main course, cheese or dessert, and the app will tell you what type of wine will taste best. Most of the varieties they recommend are California or international wines you can purchase at your local market. 

And for the collector or avid taste-tester, check out My Cellar. This app allows users to make a wine library. As you taste or purchase wines, simply enter the name of the wine, price, year, and other details to catalog it. The app even lets you take a picture of the bottle as a reference point. You can rate the wine and save the information for later. Hilske suggests utilizing the app at local tastings to gather information about wines tasted so you’ll remember your favorites. This app is available on the Android market, but a similar app called My Wine Cellar is available for iOS devices.

Whether traveling, tasting, or adding to your collection, apps can help enhance your wine experience.