Say Goodbye to Wires

The core appeal of mobile devices is their ability to be used while on the go without being confined by cords and wires. Now, a growing number of the technologies that work hand-in-hand with smartphones and tablets are also parting with their wired ways.

A low battery signal on a device doesn’t automatically lead to a frantic search for a power outlet anymore. Wireless chargers use stored energy or the power of the sun to provide a charge. The Motorola Power Pack Slim 4000 features a built-in micro USB cord, as well as micro USB and USB ports, to charge two devices at once, saving users the frustration of dead phones.

With a full charge, it’s time to go to work. Need to print something while in transit? Many wireless printers are compatible with smartphones and tablets. Samsung and HP offer mobile apps that make it possible to print, scan and fax documents directly from a mobile device over a wireless network connection, so those important papers will be ready and waiting at home or the office.

When it comes to streaming and playing music, the speakers on smartphones and tablets may not be loud enough to fill a room, but hooking up to external speakers can be restrictive. The Bose SoundLink II Wireless Bluetooth Speaker features Bluetooth technology that connects with a device from up to 30 feet away to deliver rich sound instead of unwanted vibrations.

Playing a movie from a smartphone onto a TV screen, on the other hand, used to require bulky HDMI cords to connect the two devices. Now, Miracast technology, found on the DROID MINI and DROID MAXX smartphones, wirelessly mirrors everything found on the device onto a Miracast-enabled HDTV.

As technology advances, it is likely even more everyday gadgets will soon be wireless.