Ambulance Camera System and 4G LTE Enhance Emergency Care

In an emergency health situation, the ability to receive expert care quickly can be critical for a patient’s recovery.

To speed doctor access to patients in need, Maximus Security, a St. Clair, Mich.-based IT company, has developed a high-tech video solution that allows an emergency room doctor to remotely examine a patient and, in some cases, begin treatment while the patient is still in transit to the hospital.

The advanced telemedicine solution called Max Life™ uses in-ambulance camera systems running on a 4G LTE network to provide paramedics and emergency room doctors with two-way audio and live video streaming without the buffering of slower networks.

By viewing the high-definition video footage straight from a mobile device, emergency room doctors can virtually step onboard the ambulance and remotely assess the patient’s condition. As paramedics relay critical information, such as symptoms and vital signs, doctors can zoom in on injuries, provide a diagnosis, develop a treatment plan, instruct paramedics and prep the emergency room as necessary for when the patient arrives.

This real-time, high-quality video communication helps paramedics and doctors work together to make informed clinical decisions more quickly, thereby reducing the time it takes to diagnose patients and provide more immediate care.

Not only does this state-of-the-art telemedicine solution make it possible for medical professionals to provide enhanced emergency care, it also gives patients and their loved ones peace of mind because they know they’re receiving the best care possible.