Celebrating Harvest Festival with Food (Photography)

Observed in the Chinese (Mid-Autumn Festival), Korean (Chuseok) and Vietnamese (Tết Trung Thu) communities, the Harvest Festival marks the start of the Autumn Equinox on the lunar calendar. While holiday customs and traditions may vary among the different cultures, there is one thing that unites them all: food.

And, with the passion for food photography in these communities, the Harvest Festival is the perfect time to bring the two together. After all, traditional Harvest Festival foods like mooncakes, songpyeon and tò he – with their exotic ingredients, colors and textures – make for delicious Twitter and Instagram subjects.

For smartphone shutterbugs who want to take their holiday food photography to the next level, there are a number of incredible photo apps available. Pixlr Express gives users the ability to quickly crop, re-size, and modify any picture. Individuals can also use the app to convey a wide range of different moods in their photos by using any of its 600 overlays and lighting effects.

Individuals can also create custom photo grids and collages on their smartphones with PicsArt Photo Studio. The app offers several photo effect options, including a stenciler, cartoonizer and sketcher. Additionally, photographers looking to add even more flair to their pictures can add word balloons, titles and graphics to their food photos with PicSay.

What are you eating this Harvest Festival? Share your photos on Twitter with the hashtag #VZWfood. We may highlight some of the submissions in an upcoming blog post.