The Chef’s Tablet: A Tasty Kitchen Companion

Is your kitchen cabinet or counter cluttered with yellowed recipe sheets and dog-eared cookbooks? If so, a wireless tablet coupled with cloud technology is an excellent choice to store and update your recipe resources without worrying that your family favorites will be lost when the ink fades.

With hundreds of cooking apps and websites accessible on a tablet, each with thousands of recipes and food prep tips, home cooks can serve up the most savory dishes to their families and friends. A slim sampling of these include Big Oven, ChefTap, Food Network, Delish, Chow,, Epicurious and a giant smorgasbord of others.

With a few swipes across the screen, get the secrets of cuisine from around the world. Want to try some special Thai curry instead of ginger soy on your Chilean sea bass? Your tablet can span the gastronomic globe in a flash. And, with the large screen of a tablet, you can easily scan for the next item as you knead dough or develop your favorite dish.

Once your culinary masterpiece is complete, snap pictures or video of your dishes in progress and share your creation via Instagram or Twitter to tempt your guests and tease your Internet followers. Food photos are a staple of social media, and your kitchen tablet makes it easy to get in on the feast.

Tablets also are great to organize and preserve those recipes you have scratched on napkins or scribbled on bits of paper. Recipe Scanner makes it simple to snap a photo of a recipe and save it in an easy-to-find folder. Once captured, the Paprika app provides multiple views of saved recipes, shows large photos of the dish for reference, and helps build a shopping list of ingredients. It also makes it easy to add and edit recipes and will sync them to the cloud to access on other devices.

So, bon appetit when bringing a chef’s tablet to the chef’s table.