Technology and the Dating Game

Conventional ways of meeting people – whether through mutual friends or while you’re out living your life – are often serendipitous. But for the tech savvy, dating apps provide busy singles with another avenue for making initial connections with a wink or a poke that may lead to an email or a phone call.  

While Match and eHarmony are two popular dating apps that provide platforms for singles to meet, OkCupid and Plenty of Fish are quickly tempting singles to step out on a limb by setting up dates with others who are seeking a similar type of relationship.

With the advent of text messaging and its ubiquitous popularity, it’s often considered an acceptable form of communication while dating; however, a recent research study revealed that texting cannot be the primary mode of communication in a romantic relationship. Participants in the study placed a high importance on face-to-face and voice communication. To have a more personal conversation before meeting for the first time, consider video chatting. Video conferencing apps like Tango and Skype can help ease first date jitters and test the potential chemistry.

When it comes time to finally meet and plan that first date, apps like HowAboutWe and 301 Date Ideas offer a plethora of tips to plan the perfect, or at least unique, first date.

While your smartphone might have helped you find your date, once together it’s time to put the device away. Many of the latest smartphones, like the new DROID lineup, offer features like Active Display to stay on top of alerts, messages and social media updates with just a quick glance at your phone.

After the first date is over, there may be a million thoughts running through your head. Was there chemistry? Should you make the first call? How long should you wait before contacting them again? When 56 percent of single Americans say they rely on the internet for advice, rather than a trusted friend of confidant, consider using an app like Relationship Tips to help you answer dating inquiries, and make difficult dating decisions.

Courting rituals will continue to evolve as society transforms in an upwardly “mobile” direction.