Maximize Fall TV Viewing with Top Apps and Other Exciting Extras

Anticipation is in the air. It’s finally time to resolve those season finale cliffhangers as the fall TV season gets underway. This year, many fans are as curious about the latest app features and online extras as they are about what will happen to their favorite characters this fall.

All of the major networks, including ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC offer apps to provide video highlights and episode guides. Those networks, as well as specific shows, go beyond online clips and photo galleries. For viewers, that means more entertaining content served up in a convenient format.

Fans of “The Big Bang Theory” may have already tried out the companion app last season, but this fall’s version offers up an important new feature – it now listens to your TV to sync while you watch. That means whether you watch it live or record it for later, the app will serve up behind-the-scenes extras and trivia timed to the show you are watching. TBS encourages fans to watch in real time by offering up live chat and polls through the app during the show.

If you catch yourself watching “The Voice” and thinking, “I could do better,” try out The Voice: On Stage app, which allows you to perform for virtual judges from home. If the judges like your performance you’ll unlock new levels. It will also show what notes you missed and rate your song, so be prepared for criticism just like those on the reality show.

What TV fan hasn’t wanted to take a few of their favorite characters and put them in a room together? Smash Chat doesn’t rely on a designed app to deliver watch-worthy entertainment. In early September, Fox started rolling out a series of mash-up YouTube videos in which characters from their top shows end up in sometimes absurd phone conversations with each other. The most popular to date has Mindy and Danny from “The Mindy Project” accidentally dialing Jess from “The New Girl.”

Other show-specific companion apps worth exploring include:

  • Sons of Anarchy” app – Check out alternate scenes and “appisodes,” and enjoy a feature-rich, virtual view of the SOA clubhouse.
  • “Castle” app – Follow along with the episode guide, participate in chats and forums and watch highlight videos.
  • “Bones” app – Get additional character information, track cases and interact with other fans.

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