Technology to Fit Each Honeymoon Style

Planning a wedding showcases couples’ own styles and personalities, but so does their honeymoon. Some newlyweds like to take time to relax and slow down after the big day, and others prefer an adventurous foreign getaway. No matter what type of honeymoon they choose, wireless technology can help couples make the most of their trips.

If the new couple is looking for some rest and relaxation after the hustle and bustle of wedding planning, an umbrella drink and sand between their toes might be right up their alley. Sand and waves may clear the mind, but it can also ruin a mobile device. Before hitting the beach or pool, protect the smartphone with an element resistant case. The Lifeproof case, for example, waterproofs devices, making them float if they accidentally take a plunge. 

For couples who want to keep the momentum going after the wedding, a trip overseas might be in the plans. Whether it’s Paris, Sydney, Tokyo or Rome, finding a Wi-Fi connection overseas when needed isn’t always easy. Newlyweds can bring a 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot to keep tablets, laptops and other Wi-Fi-enabled devices connected to the Internet so they can search for new restaurants, stream movies on long train rides, and update family and friends on their adventures. Before leaving, travelers should make sure their devices and data plans are up to date for global travel.

Ultimately, capturing memories is important no matter the type of honeymoon. The Samsung Galaxy Camera, featuring a 21x optical-zoom lens and wireless capabilities, allows happy couples to document the adventures and instantly upload them to social networks like Facebook and Instagram or email them to family and friends.

Once the newlyweds return home it’s back to reality, but with wireless technology couples have the photos and videos to remember the honeymoon forever.