Staying Connected During Latin America Travel

Whether you’re visiting family and friends in Latin America, exploring Machu Picchu in Peru or enjoying the fiestas patrias in native hometowns like Jalostotitlán, Mexico, a smartphone or tablet can be a dependable travel buddy.

Before you go, find out about specific data, call coverage and pricing in any of the countries you plan to visit. Verizon’s interactive Trip Planner can help you determine the global services you’ll need and whether your device is equipped for international use.

If it isn’t, Verizon’s Global Travel Program provides a short-term lender device that’s global ready at no extra charge. It functions as a temporary substitute and uses your regular phone number, voicemail and contacts so you can stay in touch with family and friends while you travel.

Verizon’s Global Data Plan also makes it convenient and affordable to call home to share your adventure or update social networks with spectacular photos. Consider taking a trip to The Obelisk of Buenos Aires in Argentina or mapping a route to visit Paseo los Proceres (Walk of Heores), a popular monument in Caracas, Venezuela.

While you’re staying connected with folks back in the States, help conserve data by downloading Free Wi-Fi Finder. The app is available for international use and helps you find nearby free public Wi-Fi hotspots. If you want Wi-Fi coverage at all times while on your trip, bring along the Verizon Jetpack. The 4G LTE mobile hotspot is global ready, and will keep your device connected to the Internet, providing hours of battery use.

Safe travels and don’t forget to Instagram a postcard!